Rowan L. Bright, RPR, CRR

rowanRowan L. Bright is from the Middleton, Wisconsin, area. She has over ten years of reporting experience and also has worked in various courthouses throughout Wisconsin as well as a freelance reporter. She graduated from MATC with a degree in Judicial Reporting.

Rowan is a member of the National Court Reporters Association and the Wisconsin Court Reporters Association. She has earned the designations of Registered Professional Reporter and Certified Realtime Reporter. She also does a fair amount of CART work for the deaf and hard of hearing and enjoys it very much.

Rowan lives in Cross Plains, and she stays very involved in her community. She also has two children, two dogs, and a cat. In her spare time, she is usually throwing darts in leagues or tournaments. She also enjoys cooking, movies, trying new restaurants, working on her house and yard, and traveling.